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About Us

We Are Global Leading Plastic Molding Company


We are a global leading plastic molding company in the manufacturing of plastic POP displays, lighting components, motion picture and theme park props, food case displays, museum displays, spheres, hemispheres and many other custom fabricated products.

For over 50 years Planet Plastics has been dedicated to providing excellent customer service and delivering quality products on time and at competitive prices. We provide our customers with specialized products to meet exact specifications in small or large volumes. Our experienced staff works closely with designers and engineers to form ideas into reality.

We operate from a 43,000 SF state of the art facility devoted to fabricating and forming products using acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG, expanded PVC, ABS, styrene and other thermoplastics. Our expertise with plastic sheet, rod and tubing allows us to fulfill any project requirement with the ability to customize individual parts.

Our processes include a complete plastics fabrication operation, 3 and 5 axis CNC routing, CNC cutting, vacuum forming, drape forming as well as Free Form Blow Molding and printing services. Our large press forming capability combined with our uniquely large oven capacity allows us to accomplish projects that may seem impossible.

Drape Forming
Vacuum Forming
Custom Shaping
Cylinder Forming
Blow Forming
CNC Routing
3-Axis & 5-Axis
SolidWorks &
MasterCam Software
Precision CNC Cutting
Laser Cutting & Etching
Die Cutting
Acrylic Fabrication
Sand Blasting
Gluing and Bonding
Flame Polishing
Buff Polishing
Line Bending
Custom Packaging